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QoS Labs supports a greener Florida

QoS Labs supports a greener Florida


April 19, 2009


Operating in Florida for over a decade, QoS Labs has enjoyed the State's natural resources, witnessed South Florida's growth, experienced multiple storms and noticed the effect of climate changes, which is starting to affect many aspects of our daily lives and  raises our level of awareness to protect our environment.  


QoS Labs believes that every individual and corporation in Florida should participate in some way to protect the environment. Through Spribo, QoS Labs' Semantic Social Web SaaS platform, the company is providing infrastructure and support to the Florida 2.0 Initiative (FL2i) to create a social network focused on green purposes. Alfredo Sanchez, CEO of QoS Labs, stated that the company considers this effort to be part of its social responsibility, that there are relevant initiatives in Florida focused on a sustainable economy and that he hoped that those organizations in Florida that are not part of one of these initiatives will soon join the effort, no matter how small their contribution may be, making of Florida an example of taking action against climate change


As part of its Semantic Social Web beta program, QoS Labs will provide the Spribo platform to support FL2i in launching a renewable energy and environment web 2.0 site to pursue its green objectives.   


About QoS Labs


QoS Labs is a Florida-based software research organization focused on service orientation, semantic representation, and IT management best practices. The company has extensive experience working with leading technology vendors and implementing enterprise-class solutions based on a proprietary service-oriented framework and platform that enables Software as a Service applications with knowledge management capabilities.


About Spribo


Spribo is a next-generation web company that offers semantic social media SaaS applications for nonprofits, enterprises and social groups that want to create smarter online communities. Spribo is a subsidiary of QoS Labs.