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QoS Labs partners with Infovista


September 12, 2005


As part of our continuous goal to strengthen QoS Labs� SOA offerings in the market, by integrating value-added solutions and outsourced managed services that benefit our customers, we are pleased to inform that on September the 12th, QoS Labs concluded its negotiations with Infovista to establish a strategic partnership, signing agreements to integrate InfoVista�s technology to QoS Labs� SOA turnkey solutions.



InfoVista is a Service-Centric Performance Management Software Company that assures the optimal delivery of business-critical IT services.


The main objectives of QoS Labs� alliance with InfoVista are:


4      Help customers to prevent business performance problems and mitigate business risks by integrating SLA tools

4      Improve customers business effectiveness by maximizing the availability of technology that supports key business functions

4      Offer solutions to lower TCO by identifying opportunities for rightsizing, consolidation, and operational efficiencies

4      Enable an appropriate SLA platform for QoS Labs� infrastructure

4      Provide outsourcing of Web Services performance management services to QoS Labs� customers


Eighty percent of the world�s largest service providers as ranked by Fortune, as well as leading Global 2000 enterprises, rely on InfoVista to enhance the business value of their technology assets. InfoVista stock is traded on the NASDAQ (IVTA).


Service providers and global enterprises are facing significant pressures and opportunities when it comes to optimizing the delivery of business-critical IT services. For service providers, the continued convergence around IP-based networks, enabling the delivery of a continuum of innovative services over a shared bandwidth, is setting new challenges for performance management. This convergence is driving the need for increased network efficiency, management of differentiated levels of quality of service ("QoS"), increased competitive fervor and the search for new revenue streams from new services.


InfoVista provides service-centric performance management solutions to both service providers and enterprise customers that are uniquely suited to address the increasingly demanding challenges of our customers in delivering service excellence. The company�s experience serving both sectors provides tremendous cross-functional synergy and uniquely positions InfoVista as a valued partner to help them transform their technology assets into strategic business value.





InfoVista�s Features and Benefits









Collects and computes performance metrics in real-time

Access real-time and historical performance information instantly, on-demand

Compares real-time performance with historical baselines to detect abnormal conditions

Predict impending problems and preempt outages through an early warning system







and Adaptive

Provides a native ability to rapidly instrument new and existing resources in a multi-vendor, multi-technology environment

Accelerate implementation of new services and achieve fast time to market

Enables easy customization of Portal-based dashboards and reports

Reduce training and operations support costs


Offer high-value, personalized service level reporting to business users and customers





Distributed Architecture

Manages a virtually-unlimited number of devices with a balanced, multi-tier architecture

Manage large, distributed global environments in real-time

Collects and analyzes tens of millions of data points/hour at the edge

Scale the management platform incrementally as the environment grows

Consolidates processed information within a robust, centralized datamart

Maintain reliability and integrity of data





Open and Interoperable

Allows bidirectional transfer of valuable business, performance, topology and configuration data

Reduce cost and risk of integration

Integrates with existing EMS and OSS solutions, including event management, provisioning, service activation, service support and CRM applications

Protect current investments in IT management solutions

Improve efficiency of operations




Discovery and


Discovers resources and provisions network, system and application management reports out of the box

Avoid manual intervention and error

Maintains configuration of reports, metrics and KPIs dynamically as the environment changes

Minimize effort and cost to monitor, analyze and report on the performance of the entire IT infrastructure







Provides a powerful, patented method to capture the real-world environment in a dynamic resource model

Understand service performance and its impact on business units and end customers

Aggregates and associates KPIs at multiple levels, from business to service to resource

Prioritize problem resolution to business and service level commitments

Supports embedded workflows for specific tasks, e.g.: capacity planning, problem resolution, service level management

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations management personnel



QoS Labs and InfoVista Solution


By integrating InfoVista leading technology with QoS Labs� SOA enabling components, a BI-oriented management dashboard can be created as a strategic management tool which captures information from various sources (network, VPN, hosts, applications, etc.) and produces high-level business- and service-oriented views.


By combining semantic, business intelligence (BI) and management standards, QoS Labs� appCarrier SOA, consolidates and correlates element management, performance (SLA), business transaction, business process, and business indicator data from multiple sources to correlate and produce SOA personalized management views presented via the dashboard to the various layers within the customer organization.


About Infovista


Founded in 1995, InfoVista is a recognized global leader in performance technology innovation. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of the Service Level Management market, helping customers optimize the quality of experience for services deployed over shared infrastructure. Over time the company has expanded its technology foundation and solutions offering and today is the leader in service-centric performance management software.


About QoS Labs


QoS Labs is a developer and integrator of IT solutions for the enterprise market, which facilitate IT regulation compliance, quality management, security enforcement, and best practices adoption through the modular implementation of SOA. Our company has many years of experience working with IT leading vendors developing Java components and integrating solutions with hardware and software leading technologies. With offices in Florida and Mexico, we have acquired experience in helping our customers to gradually migrate their IT infrastructure into an SOA.