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QoS Labs partners with EMC2|smarts


March 21, 2005


QoS Labs has been negotiating different strategic alliances with leading technology companies that facilitate SOA implementations. The objective of these negotiations has been to certify their products as part of QoS Labs� appCarrier Service-Oriented Architecture enabling components. Our goal is to strengthen QoS Labs� turnkey SOA offerings in the market, by integrating value-added solutions and outsourced managed services that benefit our customers.


We are pleased to inform that on March the 21st QoS Labs concluded its negotiations with EMC2|smarts to establish a strategic partnership, signing agreements to integrate the EMC2|smarts technology to QoS Labs� SOA turnkey solutions and service provider offerings.



EMC2|smarts is a company with high penetration in network management systems. With their software solutions, enterprise, service provider and government organizations can manage their network systems end-to-end, gaining unprecedented insight into how technology health impacts businesses.


The main objectives of our alliance with EMC2|smarts are:


4      Bundle/integrate turn-key solutions to manage services conformed by various independent elements and EMS platforms

4      SNMP agents integration

4      Enable element object representation, auto-discovery, event correlation, and root-cause analysis within the SOA

4      Enable an appropriate Manager-of-Managers platform for QoS Labs� infrastructure

4      Provide outsourcing of Web Services monitoring or fault management services to our customers


EMC2|smarts takes a service-centric approach to managing today�s increasingly complex and distributed IT environments in alignment with business priorities. Leveraging next-generation analysis, automation, and abstraction technologies, EMC2|smarts offers end-to-end insight into how IT health relates to key business services. It automatically pinpoints service-affecting problems and calculates their business impacts so it is possible to act based on facts to maximize service delivery while lowering operating cost and reducing business risk. Thousands of customers worldwide use EMC2|smarts� solutions to detect and resolve the IT management problems that matter to their businesses.



EMC2|smarts� Features


4      Integrates and correlates topology, events, and analysis from multiple sources (including root-cause analysis)

4      Complements the EMS tools and systems already in place

4      Provides seamless, customizable views of the IT environment end-to-end across infrastructure, applications, and business

4      Automates workflow processes to maximize efficiency

4      Supports componentized "InCharge Viewlets�" for dashboard or portal content


EMC2|smarts� Benefits


4      Eliminates the high cost of infrastructure management

4      Protects your investments by consolidating existing tools into a unified management solution

4      Provides multi-tier visibility into your complex distributed infrastructure, including web-based dashboard views

4      Allow to manage IT end-to-end, across multiple tools, domains, and silos, in alignment with business


QoS Labs and EMC2|smarts Solution


By integrating EMC2|smarts leading technology with QoS Labs� SOA enabling components, a BI-oriented management dashboard can be created as a strategic management tool which captures information from various sources (network, VPN, hosts, applications, etc.) and produces high-level business- and service-oriented views.


By combining semantic, Business Intelligence (BI) and management standards, QoS Labs� appCarrier SOA, consolidates and correlates element management, performance (SLA), business transaction, business process, and business indicator data from multiple sources to correlate and produce SOA personalized management views presented via the dashboard to the various layers within the customer organization.


About EMC2|smarts


EMC Corporation is the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions. We help organizations of every size around the world keep their most essential digital information protected, secure, and continuously available.


About QoS Labs


QoS Labs is a developer and integrator of IT solutions for the enterprise market, which facilitate IT regulation compliance, quality management, security enforcement, and best practices adoption through the modular implementation of SOA. Our company has many years of experience working with IT leading vendors developing Java components and integrating solutions with hardware and software leading technologies. With offices in Florida and Mexico, we have acquired experience in helping our customers to gradually migrate their IT infrastructure into an SOA.