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QoS Labs licenses its Semantic Social engine to Spribo

QoS Labs licenses its Semantic Social engine to Spribo


December 2, 2007


It was not until the last three years that the web 2.0 market started to consolidate as a strong industry, realizing benefits other than its use for general social networking applications such as Facebook and MySpace that have become extremely popular in the market. The Spribo project started in 2007, when QoS Labs�s management decided to apply their technology to the web 2.0 market as a natural application that could benefit from the service orientation (SOA) and knowledge representation technologies and skills developed by the company � leveraging core areas of expertise such as Intranet portals, identity management, content management, IT management and IT Governance. Until that moment, the company had only focused on the enterprise market, participating in the very early SOA adoption curve. As part of the evolution of its service-oriented research, the R&D team had thoroughly studied Semantics and knowledge representation for years with the goal to implement a new software development paradigm that proved to be more effective in proof-of-concept projects than the traditional object-oriented paradigm when applied to creating and delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) applications over the Internet. QoS Labs� management understood that the company�s intellectual property could make a clear difference for the social web market, adding a semantic component to it (semantic social web). 


QoS Labs created Spribo and licensed its core technology to enable the Spribo semantic social web platform. Spribo�s logo, "The Social Springboard" slogan and concept originate from the idea of a springboard that launches people to take action into a new Web. Its vision aims at participating in the social and knowledge transformation of the World Wide Web, and in its consolidation process of becoming the most important and powerful worldwide multimedia professional and entertainment channel. Spribo will follow the same Salesforce.com business model focused on the semantic social web as a natural trend in the market.


The opportunity addressed by Spribo is to make the use of social software tools and SaaS applications smarter and more contextual when applying knowledge management technologies � enhancing search tools for the epic volume of content being generated by social networks, making target advertisement more effective, and making online services smarter. The Spribo semantic social web platform will enable smarter applications that will differentiate the company's SaaS offerings in target markets, offering a competitive advantage based on innovation.


About QoS Labs


QoS Labs is a Florida-based software research organization focused on service orientation, semantic representation, and IT management best practices. The company has extensive experience working with leading technology vendors and implementing enterprise-class solutions based on a proprietary service-oriented framework and platform that enables Software as a Service applications with knowledge management capabilities.


About Spribo


Spribo is a next-generation web company that offers semantic social media SaaS applications for nonprofits, enterprises and social groups that want to create smarter online communities. Spribo is a subsidiary of QoS Labs.